End of the first week!

Friday is here!  We made it through the first week of school.
Somehow things have been very hectic this week, adding unexpected incidents to our new routines.  Sophie chipped her tooth, which required an emergency dental visit.  It turned out ok, nothing needs to be done, just a minor chip and no serious dental injury.  Then our van had some problem so we had to drop it off at the dealership, another lengthy trip back and forth.  At least it didn’t cost anything to repair, just a software update.  I had a doctor’s appointment and Sasha had her 4-year checkup.  Busy busy busy.

Today went smoothly thankfully, and I got to relax and take a nap with Damian.
I plan on going to yoga tonight as usual.  Dinner will be quick with Bánh Canh, since I already have everything cooked.

I am anxious about next week.  Hopefully it will go by quickly.  I look forward to the mammogram and ultrasound.  The sooner we can rule cancer out, the better I feel about the lump in my breast…


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