Date lunch

For a long time my husband and I have been busy raising our three children that we sort of stopped dating each other. We have little to no support from family, and things are hard when we both work.  It is easy to forget that you’re not just parents. You are also wife and husband. So we decided to date each other once a month this year.

Yesterday we went to this lovely restaurant nested in a nursery called Tiny Boxwoods.  It was my second time here.  Seatings outdoor were cozy and comfortable in 50F degree weather with the help of electric heaters.  I love this place. The nursery reminds me of my grandfather’s plant shop back in the day. This place also sports a casual chic and laidback atmosphere that i like. Soothing jazz music was an added bonus. 

It is nice to dine without kids. No need to rush, to tend to anyone. We took our time and rnjoy the food and drinks.  I had a beet burger and chicken tortilla soup. The burger wasn’t my favorite. The soup, on the other hand, was perfect!  My husband had the Frenchman sandwich and that was delicious.  His Summer Salad was very good, too. 

Ms. Speedy had a chance to go out and enjoy the nice view as well. 


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