A Big Investment

Two weeks ago we went piano shopping with the girls’ piano teacher. We had discussed beforehand about what we were looking for, so it wasn’t hard to pick the right one for us. The teacher was incredibly helpful. I know little about pianos and neither does my husband know anything about musical instruments. We did learn into price shopping and read all the reviews, though. So with the teacher’s input, we went for the Ritmüller 6’2″ parlor grand. 

Pretty new to the piano market, Ritmüller pianos have only been around for about 10 years. That said, the reviews are very positive. All parts are German made. With the price steadily going up the last few years, this is also a good time to get one.

My daughters are not great pianists in any way.  The 7-year-old has been taking lessons for over 1.5 years with 3 different teachers. For reasons of moving and searching for better teachers, we had to switch a few times. She isn’t keen on music so she learns rather slowly, but she practices hard.  My 5-year-old on the other hand is making great progress at learning. She’s only been taking lessons for 5 months.

The piano is a huge investment for us. We thought hard about it. But with our 2 daughters steadily progressing in their learning, they need a better piano. The old Kimball upright has served its time. In the near future my son will also be learning. And in the far future, hopefully i will have time to take official lessons, too. Right now i’m doing secondary learning from sitting in 2 hours every week with the girls while they’re learning. 

We are all excited about this new piano 🙂

Here is my 5-year-old playing The Swan and Funeral March of A Marionette


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