Fashion & Accessories

Statement Sweater

This lovely and bold sweater came from Korea. The quality is superb! Soft and thick. It is perfect for someone who is always cold in the office like me. The white collar is not actually a shirt but only a faux collar insert. It’s available on Amazon. I find these collar inserts extremely versatile, especially when i don’t want to wear another shirt underneath but need some nice details on the neckline.

I love pairing loose tops with skinny jeans, casual and chic at the same time.  The hummingbird detail is so eye catching, perhaps the main reason why i fell in love with this sweater in the first place.

I switched out the Bolide for this vintage Hermes LA tote today, as it was going to rain. The boxcalf leather of my Bolide isn’t safe to get wet like this durable courchevel tote.

No jewelry for this outfit since the sweater already has a lot going on 🙂

Korean made statement sweater, faux collar insert,  BR skinny jeans in black, Nicholas Kirkwood Prism Pumps, Hermes vintage LA tote.


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