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Grey and Beige

We had a super busy weekend with my husband’s tournament on top of our usual activities. We hung out with Sophie’s friend’s families last all afternoon at the lake. That was such a great time! We are lucky to have neighbors whom we get along well with and whose kids are well-behaved. The dynamic is positive and fun.  After a few hours the wind picked up and the air became chilly again. We came home when it was almost 7pm.

I’m alone this week while my husband goes on his monthly business trip.  Sasha had a nose bleed this morning right before we left the house.  I cleaned her up and had her lie down in the carseat for a while. It got better and she was able to go to school.  

I made it to work at my usual time, surprisingly.  Here’s Monday’s grey and beige ootd.

BR Bow-tie Ivory blouse (from the Mad Men collection), White&Black Drapey Cardigan, Loft Pants, Ferragamo Belt and Shoes, Ann Taylor necklace, carrying Bolide 31.


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