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Wedding attire

Just taking a break from posting work outfits here 🙂

It is a Loft dress set from 10 years prior. I didn’t fit it so well at the time. I think i wore it once to our wedding shower with the family.

When i didn’t have time to shop for a dress to my friend’s wedding, i gave this set a try.  I loved it! I think it didn’t look good on me before because i had a younger look on my face. Brocade can make you look more mature than you actually are.  Now that i’m older, the dress becomes more appropriate.

I pinned a small Chanel brooch on the jacket, aacentuated the waistline with a skinny belt, and carried my Chanel Reissue 226.  Jewelry was the J. Crew classic Venus Flytrap necklace and earings. For shoes I chose a low key neutral color pair of Casedei pumps. The whole outfit screams classic, which i was totally in love.

Loft Brocade Dress and Jacket, BR skinny belt, Chanel Brooch, Chanel Reissue 226, J. Crew venus flytrap earings and necklace.


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